Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ringling Final Semester Begins!

I can't believe its my last semester at Ringling. So close to graduation!  Also, its lighting/texturing/rendering semester!

I'm slightly worried though, its 2 weeks in and we're just finishing up setdressing and shading our props for Linear workflow. First pass lighting is due in 2 weeks. We have 52 shots.

I feel a bit uncertain if we'll be able to finish our film to the best of our ability. I really hope we can. I've recently discovered, that Renderman for maya doesnt have the ability to contain multiple AOV in Exr Renders.  This makes compositng more stressful, because now a nuke tree might be unneccarily uncomplicated with extra read nodes that could have been contained in an EXR

Ringling is mandating Linear workflow.
Lots of animation to be worked on/revised
Brain explodes.


Adele Hawkins said...

You're a badass! You guys can do this.

Kevin Lu said...

Thanks Adele! You're a badass yourself! Good luck on your work! and hint your pushpull character and maybe start modeling.