Sunday, January 8, 2012

JuniorYear Semester 2: PrePro!!!

It was a great Christmas break! I guess I lied about posting more work. Over the break I worked on many projects and fixing older projects for the demo-reel/portfolio and modeled stuff for this semester's projects. I felt that break was over too fast. But on the brightside, this semester I'm part of a 3 man team for Preproduction for Senior Thesis!

So far its been a blast! I remembered my boss at the studio where I interned this past summer was really into group projects. Its one thing making your own thesis, but when you add more people, it really teaches you about communication, direction, optimization, management, teamwork, plussing work, etc.

I'm hopeful for a fun exciting semester and maybe one day I'll post more work. It gets harder b/c all the work we are doing now is for our senior film... and why spoil the film by posting it?