Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Senior Year's first semester is over!

The Semester is over! But I’ll be on campus for the duration of the entire break working on my thesis film along side of some fellow roommates of mine.  We had our winter critique with positive feedback! It was amazing to see my fellow classmate’s films. Now on to bringing our animation to polish as well as finishing up models, texturing, experimenting with fur grass, polishing rigging, set dressing, contacting with our composer, lighting, rendering, composite. Ahh…. Yeah there’s a lot to do.

I just spent a weekend hanging out with friends. Some lovely underclassmen friends of mine threw the team and I a congratulations party for surviving this semester. It felt so special after being bashed and abused by the faculty to have people who reacted and enjoyed your work. I also realized we all have some sort of post traumatic stress. When my friends and I were hanging out,  many of our conversations reverted back to school, thesis, and work. I was talking to some friends back home in Louisiana telling them I couldn’t come home for Christmas because of work. I explained to them that even while we were working 10-15 hours a day for 7 days a week almost every day during the entire semester, we still have a shit ton of work to do.

Its been a great learning experience and I hope to continue growing in it.

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