Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ringling Year2 Semester 1 done

Here are some of my final projects. The last assignment in CA1 was to design a simple biped character with no arms and do a series of excercises. I made a ricefarmer guy who pretends he's a ninja. Special thanks to Scott Mcwhinnie and John Gulledge for animation crits and painting weights advice. I got A-'s on the animation part of the grades so thats pretty sweet. It also seems that the Sorenson codec from Adobe Premiere makes all of my CA videos have a green tint...

The final animatic we had to do was the "thief". Someone wants a bite of your food. And finally are some more sketches.

edit:animations removed temp.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Ringling Year 2 Semester 1: Last Week

We have about a week left and 3 major projects left to do. It will be painful :D Here are some sketches and a 15 minute pose and 1 minute figure gestures. I've been trying to think more about shapes and simplifying into the idea of straights against curves in my sketching... I'll update with more work over the Christmas holidays!