Friday, September 14, 2012

Senior Year!

Its been about 20+ days back at Ringling as a senior! It feels very different from all the other years as a CA student. I wake up everyday, knowing what needs to get done. I can anticipate how long generally things can take and I work from morning till midnight without question. I feel confident that I know what needs to get done to move on. I have the will power to work nonstop. Life is kind of boring.

 We had our modeling critique of our thesis characters last week and we're working at a steady momentum to get modeling, blendshaping and rigging done so we can finish layout by mid october. My roomates and I stopped cooking last semester during the intense semester of preproduction for our short films. Now these days, we're barely ever at home.

Ringling has changed a bit since my freshman year. Now we have a clinic currently being built on campus. The freshman curriculum changed last year. Now the bullshit classes are replaced with some real classes that actually pertain to the major. Amazing teachers I keep hearing about like Keith Osborne , Ron Zeitler and Tammy Zeitler left the computer animation department.  I believe a bit over 25 people in my class have dropped out of the CA major  since freshman year. Some of them left for different reasons such as health, money, or just failed. Its always sad to see people who you have worked with for so long and shared the same dream since freshman year not be here anymore.

On the bright side of things, the people that are here in my year seem to have really grown together! A lot of people got internships in my class last year. People went to large studios as well as smaller studios. Each of them brought back really interesting stories of their experiences and/or examples of their work. I really am proud of everyone and proud to be part of such a hardworking amazing graduating CA class of 2013!

Last summer, I had the oppurtunity to be a Lighting Intern at a commercial studio called Superfad located in Seattle,WA. It was probably one of the most fun summers of my life. I was fortunate to work on 3D commercials for Nike, Shoe Carnival, Aleve, and College football. Here are links to some of the works!

Nike Women's Trainers from Kevin Lu on Vimeo.

Aleve Bowling from Kevin Lu on Vimeo.

ShoeCarnival from Kevin Lu on Vimeo.