Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Post College Graduation!

Its been a month since I've graduated! I'm currently interning as a lighting/generalist at the Moving Picture Company in NYC! The studio is great and the city is amazing! So many things to do and see! Its been a long journey! Being able to come to work and create art is a very fulfilling experience.

I reflect back on my early days in art. I've always wanted a career in art ever since I was in kindergarten. Its funny how your influences from your child hood ripples inspiration to your current work. I enjoyed the beauty in cartoons, anime, and film. Now I get to be a part in making pretty pictures. My focus in CG lighting came about by pure luck back in my sophomore days. I remember being awed by the Ringling short film, Monk and the Monkey! Then when Francesco the lighting director from the film visited campus, he stopped by and showed me what I could do with lights in a CG ball bounce scene. After that day, I was hooked on learning everything about lighting!

From doing so, I've learned that story, painting, the reaction of light to camera, design, and cinematography all plays in creating visually compelling works. In my career, I hope to bring those elements to my art and be able to  move the emotions of my audience!

If I could leave a few words of advice...

1. Do your best and have no regrets!
2. Learn from failures
3. If you truly want something, fight for it with your heart and soul!
4.Emotional impact creates a greater response than logic in art. I find myself over thinking about the technicalities of a project only to find the answer from asking myself how can this create an emotional reaction from the audience.
5. Its a great idea to be a something generalist. Find your passion as well as be a renaissance man! The journey of an artist is about learning and enjoying the process. The more you know, the more knowledge you can draw upon. This will make your art unique and stand out. Something I've learned from focusing so intensely on lighting is that, I have so much more to learn about it.

This is one of my earliest works from the 8th grade that started me off in my career. Its been a long journey!

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