Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ringling Year2 Semester 1 done

Here are some of my final projects. The last assignment in CA1 was to design a simple biped character with no arms and do a series of excercises. I made a ricefarmer guy who pretends he's a ninja. Special thanks to Scott Mcwhinnie and John Gulledge for animation crits and painting weights advice. I got A-'s on the animation part of the grades so thats pretty sweet. It also seems that the Sorenson codec from Adobe Premiere makes all of my CA videos have a green tint...

The final animatic we had to do was the "thief". Someone wants a bite of your food. And finally are some more sketches.

edit:animations removed temp.

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Christine said...

KEVIN LU! I can't see your animations :( But I'm digging the textures of your rice farmer ninja dude.