Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer Sketches

Summer is almost over! This summer has been a busy one! In the beginning of summer, I was really excited to be able to finally have time to work on finished pieces for the portfolio. To my surprise, it didn't quite happen exactly as I expected. I made a list of goals and eventually knocked out maybe a third of what I wanted to get done. While working at my job, i was able to finish a couple of summer classes and get my license! Also, i did a bit of reading,sketching,studying and maya learning.

Instead of trying to tackle a lot of color or value I decided to get better at drawing form,pushing my sillhouette/poses, inventing anatomy from my head, thinking about movement, caricature, and try to figure out what makes a good character design.Instead of mindlessly drawing, I tried to think about what i wanted to achieve before I started to draw. My major inspirations this summer came from Walt Stanchfield, Glenn Villpu, Tom Bancroft, and character design blog.

Lastly I've been trying to learn a bit of Maya. There are tons of tools and buttons! I'm super excited for CA next semester and I can't wait to be around motivated people. Going to my local university was a great experience and a big eye opener. There are many people that work just as hard in their major and many people who just try to slide by or are just naive. I've learned better study habits through experiencing my psychology class.My psychology class was more challenging that any liberal arts I've taken at Ringling but it helped me realize many concepts that are important to art, education, and life.

Some of my goals for next semester is to do the best I can in my major classes, participate in more clubs,contests, and work on improving my line quality, value and color. I hope everyone updates their blogs with their summer work and I'll see all my buddies in a few days!

Here are some of my more favorite sketches from June-August. In May, 90 percent of my drawing were anatomy studies and invented anatomy sketches. So here are some imagination gestures

Experimentive/animatable/nonanimatable Character Drawings

Drawings inspired from Life

Drawings From Life

And some anatomy studies...

To end the post here is an interesting read about a stripper/artist/Art Institute Ft. Lauterdale graduate.


Kate Letterle said...

Lookin good! :D I really like the stuff from/inspired by life.

Gabriella Thompson said...

Love the life sketches too!
That article/video is frightening...I just last week convinced a girl to not fall into the "Art Institutes" trap. What awful scams!

Kevin Lu said...

Kate- Thank you!

Gabriella- Thank you! Yes it is quite a frightening situatino and I'm glad you saved that person from wasting their time and money. A funny thing is though I know a guy who graduated from Ft. Lauterdale and now he is an animation director. He was really self motivated and found success. It just means you shouldn't rely just on the school to get you somewhere in life. Anyways, everyone i know recommends not going to AI.

Tyler Hunter said...

Nicely done!
See ya in a week!