Monday, December 14, 2009

Back at Home for the Christmas holidays!

For our 3d final, we had to incorporate all the elements and principles of design into a floating intention. My partner Anguel and I collaborated with another team to perform a skit where we invade Troy. We created a Horse Boat named Massive Black. Massive Black fared well on land, but, in the ocean... not really. All in all, we had a blast and made memories and friendships. We learned much about teamwork,communication, time management power tools,and balancing objects. We spent 8 hours editing the enjoy!

2009 Ringling Boat Race Documentary from Kevin Lu on Vimeo.

Every drawing teacher had their own form of a Final Exam. My Drawing teacher had us do a visual Narrative. We had to incorporate what we learned in class (ex: composition, contour, perspective, negative space, value).I got some assistance and tips on how to create interesting characters and what programs to use to create an animatic from many awesome upperclassman CA's. In the end, I made an A+

During the holidays, I hope to learn more about creating characters and reading the animators survival kit. I cant wait for Traditional animation next semester!

Graverobber Animatic from Kevin Lu on Vimeo.


T. Hunter said...

Ha, good times Kevin!
The animatic turned out very cool. :D

And ya, I'll be reading the Aimators Survival Kit over the break too. Looking forward to Gary's class next semester. See you then!

Kevin Lu said...

Thanks Tyler, I'll see you in Gary's class!

Sarah said...

lol your animatic!! I was definitely not expecting that ending, ahahha!

spiral_tc said...

A+? wow, care to share the tips? I'll be an entering freshman at fall :)