Saturday, November 7, 2009

Toy Project: The Magical Tree Man

Thank goodness this week is over! I finally recovered enough sleep from pulling 2 all nighters. This is my toy project for 3d design. We had a month to create the toy and the packaging. I probably spent over 100+ hours on it. The concept is a fantasy scene taking place in an apple orchard with a tree-man interacting with a forest nymph.

I chose to do a collectable figurine focusing on anatomy, contrast, and detail. My friend suggested that a great way to learn anatomy was through the sense of touch so I tailored the design of the toy to suit my pursuit of understanding of upperbody musculature. Also I learned a lot of sculpting techniques and photoshop techniques from making the box as well. I had a lot of fun doing this proect. Also I believe its good preparation for us CAs because we covered the basics of preproduction all the way to post production.

I posted some .PNG images for better quality so sorry if it loads for a few seconds!


Michael Yates said...

looks like awesome in a box!

love the ode to final fantasy in the logo

Kevin Lu said...

haha you caught it man! I was inspired by one of my favorite franchises. Doing this project was like living a childhood dream. Thats why I went all out!

T. Hunter said...

I can see the hours put into this, Kevin. Looks great!

Nano Jaun said...

awesome stuff, and nice blog

Jon Upton said...


Kendra Phillips said...

Yeah, the logo totally reminded me of Final Fantasy without looking like some kinda carbon copy. Awesomeee stuff!
You make me jealous that I never sculpted anything again. It turned out sweeeeeet!