Tuesday, February 23, 2010

RCAD Spring 01 week 7

Its been a while. Here are some paintings from my color class and an animation from my Communication design class.

In color class we don't focus on artsy strokes, we put down color swatches and treat the painting like a drawing. We try to communicate a color as clear as possible. It was very challenging. Communication design on the other hand is a pretty loose/concept based class. We were assigned an installation piece about nature. Tyler, Christine and I teamed up to create an animation about a plant growing out of the earth. I animated the tree, tyler shaded/rendered the animation, and christine animated the insect.

Nature and insects from klu on Vimeo.

Balls and Sacks

Here are my balls and sack. They are not perfect but please enjoy.
First is my flour sack jump 2 exercise. It involves acting as well as jumping. Second is a composite of all my ball bounces (perspective collision, heavy tail, and light hard). Though they appear to be simple animations they were challenging to animate. For some reason when i composited all of my ball bounces it gave me a black border.

Klu Flour sack jump 2 from Kevin Lu on Vimeo.

balls from Kevin Lu on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Farmer Bear and Sneaky Fox

edit: special thanks to stevie lewis for giving me character design tips.

Ringling 2nd semester of Freshman Year

Has been an amazing experience! I've enjoyed many awesome new experiences like creating animation,exploring more in character designing,and traditional painting. I've had the opportunity to attend cool events like volunteering at national portfolio day and help organize an art and music festival. Also I'm fortunately able to continue practicing figure drawing. My figure class has been really amazing and its focus is dynamic gestures that are proportionally correct! Art update coming soon!